Process safety

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  • OG13

The LOTOS Group recorded 13 process safety incidents in 2021. Improvement activities implemented in 2021 to address substance release incidents:

  • Development of an e-learning course on „Operational Foundations of Process Safety”,
  • Communication on process safety on the intranet: publishing safety alerts and lessons.
  • Launch of the Hazop analysis of production facilities according to the schedule for 2021-2025.
  • Continuation of supervision of EDC tasks and reviews of the effectiveness of risk control measures and operational conditions,
  • Update of the „EDC Solvent Handling Rules” manual,
  • Preparation and conduct of an EDC measurement campaign in the work environment.
  • Commissioning of the process cut-off supervision system. Full implementation expected by the end of 2022,
  • Review of the labeling of pipelines on overpasses, sampling locations, and temporary chemical storage areas,
  • Participation in a project implementing labeling on installations,
  • Scheduled reviews of work permits and chemical storage sites.
  • Launch of a project to create base documentation for a Functional Safety Management System. The process consists of 4 stages: audit, schedule development (these two phases were completed in 2021), training of key personnel, and issuance of a base procedure for the Safety Management System.

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