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The Lotos Group is one of the most active sponsors in Poland and in the overall region. We have finally breathed a sigh of relief since for more than a year the pandemic situation in 2021 made it possible to run practically all of the planned sports and cultural projects and corporate social responsibility projects. One very important idea always guides us in our planned activities: doing business with a human face. The Lotos Group treats the idea of corporate social responsibility not just as a meaningless slogan but as part of its strategy which we are implementing every day in the life of the organization. For us this is a mission in which we provide special care to children and youth. In 2021 nearly 8,000 children and youth took part in all of our social and sports programs. We support not just professional sports but also amateur sports. When we get involved in cultural projects, the main criterion we use to select initiatives is the promotion of the region in which the Lotos Group’s plants are located.

Kinga Fedorowska Marketing Director

In 2021, LOTOS Group companies executed:

I can speak of our collaboration only in superlatives because Lotos has always been a sound and reliable partner. Stabilization is very important in sports, and Lotos has always been there for us in beautiful and more challenging moments alike. The Lotos Group has been the General Sponsor of the Polish Skiing Association for nearly 20 years. During the term of our cooperation, we have cultivated strong and comprehensive ski jumps. Even so, it is worth emphasizing that Lotos stands not just behind the successes of our ski jumpers but above all the Association’s overall development and the successes of our representatives in other sporting disciplines, too, i.e. Alpine skiing, snowboard and skiing races.

Apoloniusz Tajner Polish Ski Association

This is now my second decade of affiliation with the Lotos Group. I won the Polish and European championships in rally cars bearing its logo. Now we are jointly striving to do the same in the world championships. For Lotos this is an opportunity to promote its brand globally and extend the reach of its products. In 2021 we won 3 rallies together and we stood on the podium 6 times. This made us the world vice-champion! Thanks to the trust shown by the Lotos Group we can continue starting and jointly win more laurels. This ambitious sports and business objective can only be achieved with sound and loyal partners such as Lotos.

Kajetan Kajetanowicz LOTOS Rally team


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Strategic projects undertaken by Grupa LOTOS include the sponsorship of: the national football team of Poland (Polish Football Association), Polish national team in ski jumping and cross country skiing (Polish Ski Association), Kajetan Kajetanowicz – rally driver, Hubert Hurkacz - tennis player, Tour de Pologne, Polish Tennis Association, Polish Basketball Association and Academic Sports Association, LOTOS Gdynia Aerobaltic Airshow and the Fight Exclusive Night (FEN) Gala.

The Lotos brand is our long-term partner on whom we can always count during the Tour de Pologne. Our national race is the largest annual sports event in our part of Europe. It can be held precisely thanks to brands like Lotos. The support, mutual trust and appreciation for the needs and opportunities we give one another represent a value that would be hard to overestimate. The Lotos Group is a partner that grasps perfectly well how much value top level sports promotion can provide. Together we have built an event that has become a conduit to showcasing Poland across the world. We are constantly developing.

Czesław Lang Tour de Pologne

The enormous support Poland’s national team receives from the Lotos Group makes it possible to focus on achieving the best sports results. Together, we regularly advance to the world’s largest football events, and we provide all Polish nationals with unforgettable emotions. We believe that our football adventure will last into the upcoming years and that our cooperation has produced reciprocal benefits.

Grzegorz Stańczuk Polish Football Association

Grupa LOTOS is socially conscious and responsible and is aware how important is to shape the attitudes of current and future generations. The sponsorship activities undertaken not only support professional sports at the adult level, but also projects designed to develop children and youths. The awareness of the potential effects of activities dedicated to the youngest sports enthusiasts contributes to a positive perception of the company as responsible for the development of not only Polish sport, but also our society.

  • Regarding the sponsorship of arts and culture, Grupa LOTOS and its subsidiaries continued to collaborate on projects that were important for development and appreciation of the LOTOS brand. The main premises of the sponsorship activity require that special support is extended to projects carried out within the geographic areas where LOTOS Group entities are located. The cultural projects carried out in 2021 were, for the most part, continuations of the existing sponsorship arrangements, including the LOTOS Jazz Festival - Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, LOTOS Siesta Festival, Ladies Jazz Festival, as well as the Theater Summer at the Atelier Theater in Sopot and the patronage of the Baltic Opera in Gdansk and the Musical Theater in Gdynia.

Our collaboration with the Lotos Group started nearly twenty years ago. In 2004 we signed the first sponsorship contract according to which the Group became our Titular Sponsor. This precipitated not just a name change to LOTOS Jazz Festival Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa but above all to the dynamic development of this event, which in the course of several years became one of the largest jazz festivals in Poland and Central Europe. Thanks to this cooperation the Polish public has regular contact with the most interesting jazz projects from around the world, while last year’s concerts given by two giants of the trumpet, namely, Wynton Marsalis and Chris Botti represent clear evidence of that. While extending our thanks for cooperation to date, it is with hope that we gaze into the future as in 2023 the festival will celebrate two jubilees: the 25th anniversary of the Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa and the 20th anniversary of cooperating with the Lotos Group in its role as the Titular Sponsor.

Jerzy Batycki LOTOS Jazz Festival Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa

The Gdynia Music Theater has been working with the Lotos Group since 2019. The Lotos Group supports the Theater in its role as the Main Patron. As the Theater Director I am proud and grateful that thanks to large and sound partners such as the Lotos Group our Theater has been able to develop steadily from year to year and present new productions to our audiences. I believe that as the largest music stage in Poland we are a reliable partner and that jointly we can produce many artistic projects.

Igor Michalski Director of the Gdynia Music Theater

In order to develop this area, in 2021 LOTOS started a year-long cooperation with the Polish Royal Opera, supported the Polish Film Festival and became a patron for Leszek Możdżer’s latest album and concert. The Company also cooperated with the Local Tourist Agency INTEGRA in promoting the Festival of Rural Housewives’ Associations. Grupa LOTOS was also involved in events cultivating cultural heritage and history, including: organization of the Westerplatte Independence Concert and the Craft Fair at the Malbork Castle Museum.

The LOTOS Group considers corporate social responsibility as an element of management and improvement of the organization. In the process of building lasting and positive relationships with its stakeholders, LOTOS seeks to effectively integrate its strategy and actions with social and environmental challenges.

In the area of social activities, the LOTOS Group is involved in cooperation in the following key areas:

  • improvement of life quality (health, education, well-being) – “Champions on the Road” is a multi-faceted social and educational program designed to educate and engage young drivers in efforts to improve road safety. The program has been implemented since 2020. Additionally, as regards road safety, in 2021 the LOTOS Group launched a new program „LOTOS – Academy of Safety”, aimed at school children and youth from Pomerania.
  • care for the natural environment (ecology and environmental protection) – the “Direction Baltic” program has been implemented since 2009 with the partners: University of Gdansk Development Foundation and the University of Gdansk Marine Station in Hel. The Program entails activities promoting protection of the environment and ecological education,
  • innovation development – the E(x)plory Program – a nationwide initiative to support young talented scientists in the implementation of innovative science projects. The project has received a positive opinion from Grupa LOTOS’s innovation area.

Other important social activities include:

  • initiation of activities addressed to employees, for example cooperation with TKKF LOTOS,
  • accepting new challenges that are important for the company and the closest surroundings.

2021 was another challenging year for culture. The first few months marked subsequent waves of the pandemic and for the first time it saw activity shift to the internet, while attempting to measure up to the expectations of the public which had become somewhat bored with participating in culture online. In turn, autumn and the end of the year were, on one hand, joyous encounters with live theater, while on the other hand, they entailed efforts to address the needs and expectations of viewers in terms of the post-pandemic world, also the cultural world. Meeting these needs and simultaneously providing the highest level of proposed artistic events also involved an enormous financial challenge which the Baltic Opera could not have shouldered without the support provided by the Lotos Group

Romuald Pokojski Director of the Baltic Opera in Gdańsk

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