Our approach to sustainable development

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The LOTOS Group’s strategy takes into account sustainable development, i.e. reducing the environmental impact. The Company is committed to responsible environmental management. Consequently, the LOTOS Group reduces its consumption of energy, materials and raw materials, controls and reduces gas and wastewater emissions, reduces the amount of waste produced and cares for biodiversity. Being aware of the fact that its activity affects various components of the ecosystem, the LOTOS Group conducts monitoring and analysis of its impact on the environment on an ongoing basis.

Year by year, the LOTOS Group has become increasingly effective in controlling air pollutant emissions and, in the mining area, it strives to produce less waste and wastewater and to pollute water as little as possible. Reducing energy consumption is just as important to the Company, therefore it measures energy consumption at every stage of the value chain. It inspects the technical condition of the equipment, optimizes processes that cause unnecessary energy losses, and analyzes all these aspects even in new projects.

In 2021, no penalties or non-financial sanctions have been imposed on the LOTOS Group for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

The challenges organizations like ours face are no longer related merely to generating economic results but also achieving environmental objectives.
On one hand, the environment provides the natural resources for us to do our business while, on the other hand, it is the recipient of the pollutants produced in the process.
Releasing excessive quantities of waste, gas or effluents into the environment leads to irreversible changes for future generations to bear.
Having the above in mind, the motto of 2021 in the Lotos Group was the circular economy. Among other things, this involved the recovery of waste from the company’s sewage treatment plant in the delayed coker as well as the production of industrial water from the flow of cleansed sewage.
2021 was also a year of ownership changes and fulfilling all of the formal and legal requirements concerning the environment to ensure that the organization is capable of process continuity.

Aneta Magnuszewska Head of the Environmental Protection Department

Due diligence procedures and policies

Below is a list of procedures, regulations, rules, instructions and policies implemented in the LOTOS Group to ensure responsible management of environmental issues (as at 31 October 2021):

  • IMS policy,
  • Waste management,
  • Waste management plan,
  • Noise management plan,
  • Environmental monitoring plan,
  • Environmental and energy goals and objectives,
  • Inventory of environmental and energy goals,
  • Identification of environmental aspects,
  • Environmental aspects,
  • Monitoring of processes and activities impacting the environment,
  • Rules of environmental sampling and measurements,
  • Monitoring of CO2 emissions from Grupa LOTOS S.A.’s production installations,
  • Preventing and preparing for emergencies and accidents at work,
  • Responding to emergencies,
  • Conducting investigations after emergencies,
  • Practical exercises to prepare for proper response to emergencies and other hazards,
  • Directive on the rules of communication in the area of environmental activities of Group companies and Grupa LOTOS S.A. with the Environmental Protection Department of Grupa LOTOS S.A.,
  • Rules of conduct regarding environmental impact – instructions for third-party companies carrying out works under the EFRA project,
  • Rules of waste management on the premises of Grupa LOTOS S.A. – information for third-party companies.

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