Activities for local communities

Key social programs implemented in 2021:

  • “Champions on the Road”

    “Champions on the Road” is a multi-faceted program designed to educate and engage young drivers in efforts to improve road safety. The program has been implemented since 2020. Additionally, as regards road safety, in 2021 the LOTOS Group launched a new program "LOTOS - Safety Academy", aimed at school children and youth from Pomerania.

  • "Direction Baltic"

    Since 2008 the LOTOS Group has been implementing the "Direction Baltic" program with its partners: University of Gdańsk Development Foundation and the University of Gdańsk Marine Station in Hel. The Program carries out activities related to the protection of the Baltic Sea’s biodiversity. In addition, a strong emphasis is placed on environmental education and dissemination of knowledge about the problem of plastic and microplastics in the Baltic Sea.

  • E(x)plory

    • Since 2013, the LOTOS Group has been a patron of the E(x)plory Program - Poland's largest initiative supporting talented young people in the implementation of innovative scientific projects and promoting their achievements in the international arena. It is a space that brings together young people, scientific authorities, start-ups and experienced companies, NGOs, media, Polish schools and the best universities, big cities and small towns. The main goal of the program is to popularize science among children and youth.

“Masters in the Making” is another attempt to shape the attitudes of masters of motor traffic safety. We are running this project jointly with the Lotos Group. We target young drivers through these actions with the underlying assumption being to augment their vehicle driving skills. During workshops with pupils from the older classes of high schools we conduct experiments to illustrate how important it is to concentrate on driving, understanding the law and enhancing skills. By practicing driving techniques, we create opportunities for people to refresh proper vehicle driving habits and we teach them how to conduct themselves in extreme situations on the road. We want to emphasize that practice makes perfect.

Agata Wróblewska National Center for Motor Traffic Safety

In each area, the Company works with recognized and proven social partners, in line with competencies and accepted values. In 2021, the LOTOS Group continued cooperation in social and sports projects addressed to children and youths. This mainly concerned football and the projects: „Football Future with LOTOS” and LOTOS Griffin Cup, winter sports – the program „LOTOS Looking for the Champion’s Successors” with LOTOS Cup competitions. As part of the cooperation with the Polish Tennis Association, among others, the LOTOS Rackets National Tennis Popularization Program and LOTOS PZT Team, bringing together the best tennis players of the young generation from our country, were continued. In addition the LOTOS Group continued cooperation with 7 independent, promising athletes who have already achieved numerous successes. Among the athletes was Karolina Naja – kayaker, Olympic medalist, who won two medals at the 2021 Summer Olympics. Projects related to training children and youths are investments in young, ambitious and talented athletes who will be the future strength of the Polish sport. The LOTOS Group gives them opportunities and possibilities – it helps them succeed.

The Baltic Direction is a program run by the Lotos Group jointly with the University of Gdańsk Development Foundation and the Professor Krzysztof Skóra University of Gdańsk Marine Station focused on educating people on how to protect Baltic Sea porpoises and seals and the threats to the Baltic Sea’s ecosystem, especially underwater noise pollution and micro plastics. In 2021 we promulgated behaviors to benefit the environment and encouraged people to make conscious consumer decisions during plenary events and in social media by posting podcasts and animations. We sensitized nearly 296 thousand people visiting the seal center in the town of Hel to the need for affording protection to marine nature.

Agnieszka Wojtach University of Gdańsk Development Founation

The corporate social responsibility policy is also implemented within the framework of the LOTOS Foundation, which supports initiatives in the area of education, safety and ecology. In 2021 Grupa LOTOS and the LOTOS Foundation have not been indifferent to the challenges posed by the coronavirus epidemic in Poland. We have contributed to the improvement of the health situation of Poles by donating funds for, among other things, additional equipment for medical facilities

Engaging in countering the impact of the coronavirus pandemic

2021 was another year of the coronavirus pandemic, again full of challenges, both in business and social activities. In order to be able to provide customers with continuous access to its services in a safe and responsible manner, the Company has flexibly adapted its operations for a wide range of recipients: customers, business partners and other stakeholders from the local communities.

The Company allocated a total of over PLN 12 million to fight the pandemic and acquired and donated such personal protective equipment as: 500 thousand protective suits, 300 thousand visors and 100 thousand shoe protectors.

With the involvement of the LOTOS Group, a temporary hospital was arranged in the AMBEREXPO exhibition halls in Gdańsk. The facility admitted more than 800 patients in its first period of operation from March to June 2021.


12 million

we donated to fight the pandemic

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