Ethical supply chain

Grupa LOTOS, in its cooperation with suppliers, relies on transparent principles developed within the Group relating to the procedures for the purchase of goods and services and procedures that support systematic management of the customer base (CRM) and strictly adheres to the principles of business partner verification. The Group’s supplier base currently comprises several thousand vendors, and cooperation with many of them has been continued for many years. The supplies range from refinery feedstock, production components, energy fuels, and services, office supplies and consulting.

Being aware of the impact of its activities on many social and environmental aspects, the LOTOS Group takes care of the whole supply chain, from exploration and exploitation of deposits, through production, to the sale of finished products and services.

The LOTOS Group supports value creation throughout the supply chain by:

  • striving for efficient use of assets across the value chain,
  • active management of opportunities and risks,
  • developing technological innovations that increase competitiveness in the market,
  • improving processes to ensure the safety of people and the environment.

In 2021, the risk management system reported no risks of incidents of forced or child labor and no risks of violations of the right to freedom of assembly or the assumptions of collective bargaining agreements in the supply chain. Analyses of these risks are carried out by the Group on the basis of available information and potential notifications in accordance with the adopted risk management principles.

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