Social responsibility

The Company’s responsibility to society and the environment reflects the conduct of production activities with respect for the natural and social capital. The LOTOS Group takes responsibility for its products and respects the needs of all the Company’s stakeholders: including: the state, the market, partners, customers and employees.

The four core values of LOTOS Group’s social responsibility are:

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The Company follows international standards, such as ISO 26000, in the area of organizational governance, human rights, labor practices, environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, social engagement and local community development.

In 2021, a campaign entitled “Tree Bank“ was carried out, in which LOTOS Terminale was a partner. A „Tree Bank” was established in Czechowice-Dziedzice. The municipality collected tree and shrub seedlings, which were given to property owners who wished to plant them on their properties. The idea behind the project is to increase the number of trees and shrubs in our community to reduce smog. There were 2 rounds of the campaign in 2021.

LOTOS Terminale was also invited as an expert to work on the preparation of a strategy for the city of Czechowice-Dziedzice until 2030.

2021 is the European Year of Rail, during which LOTOS Kolej, acting for the benefit of local communities, took part in various actions promoting and supporting the railways through, among others:

  • active participation and substantive support of various crisis management exercises involving emergency services and state services,
  • organization of another edition of the „Film the Railway with LOTOS Kolej” competition, which was addressed to people passionate about railways and photography,
  • As part of its CSR activities, the Company also supports initiatives supporting young people who need help due to their health and financial situation.

The Company organized a promotional campaign – „coffee and a hot dog for half price” at several stations located near the border for uniformed services serving there. It also took part in joint projects in which Grupa LOTOS is a partner, e.g. participation in LOTOS GDYNIA AEROBALTIC 2021.

In 2021, LOTOS Asfalt continued the project relating to eco-friendly bitumens.

Energy savings, reduced noise and carbon footprint, water neutrality and full recyclability are just some of the benefits of the application of innovative bitumens. Gdańsk-based LOTOS Asfalt has been implementing eco-friendly products for road pavement construction for many years. Currently, together with the Gdańsk University of Technology, the Company is developing a bitumen that will help reduce smog in cities.

In November 2020, LOTOS Asfalt signed a contract with the National Center for Research and Development for the implementation of the project “Eco-friendly bitumens” worth over PLN 5 million. The project is implemented in consortium with the Gdańsk University of Technology. Its goal is to create a bitumen road surface that will reduce air pollution in the lane area. The technology used here is based on innovative hybrid photocatalysts that provide a higher reduction of NOx concentration in bitumen under the influence of solar radiation, and additionally enable degradation of carcinogenic organic compounds to simple and harmless inorganic compounds. Such a solution can improve the quality of life and contribute to the health of city residents in the future.

In 2021, due to the epidemic situation, the Company implemented its budgeted cultural sponsorship on a limited scale by supporting two projects i.e.:

15th National Competition for Young Instrumentalists and Summer with Culture of the Jasło County.

The Company’s activity in the area of supporting culture was awarded by the City of Jasło for its achievements in the field of culture by granting the title of „Patron of Culture 2021”. Established in 2003, the award is given to representatives of the economic and business environment who support the culture of Jasło.

In 2021, Jasło continued the „Football Future with LOTOS” program for young players of the „Szóstka” Students’ Sports Club. Approximately 70 children currently participate in the program.

In addition, since 2013, the Company has participated together with GL (now LOTOS Foundation) in the organization of a social project that has an educational and developmental nature entitled Jasło Science League with LOTOS. This project lasts throughout the school year and is carried out by children under the supervision of educators from primary schools in Jasło. Currently, the seventh edition of the program is in progress, with about 80 students from 10 primary schools in Jasło carrying out research projects. The 7th edition is scheduled to end in May 2022. The program is very well appreciated by the local community.

In 2021, the following Jasło institutions of significant importance for the local community received support from the LOTOS Foundation:

  • Jasielski Sport Club 1910 Jasło – sport activities
  • Familiaris” Association of Friends of the Youth Cultural Centre in Jasło – organization of the Children’s Day
  • Divine Mercy Roman Catholic Parish in Jasło – renovation of the church
  • Town of Jasło – financial support for conservation works of the figural sculpture of St. Anthony of Padua with the Infant Jesus – patron of the town of Jasło

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