Integrated Annual Report 2020

Diversity management

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The LOTOS Group values diversity — it is an integral part of both business activities and employee hiring and promotion policies. We place particular emphasis on equal treatment based on gender, age, disability, health condition, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, lack of religious beliefs, political convictions, trade union membership, gender identity, family status, lifestyle, etc.

Thanks to the diversity policy, the LOTOS Group can develop the potential of its employees and draw on their experience and skills.

The LOTOS Group appreciates the experience of its employees that comes with age. 50+ employees support new staff in adaptation processes (during accompanying traineeships and mentoring meetings). This relationship is a valuable learning experience that benefits both parties. 50+ employees contribute their experience, expertise, experience-based ideas, responsibility and commitment to the team. On the other hand, younger generations have a solid tool base and a new, often unconventional approach.

Measures addressed to persons with disabilities are also taken, including as part of the employee volunteering programme.

Diversity management is also a challenge for managers. Hence, support tools in the form of trainings and the possibility to use a team analysis (analysis of behavioural styles, development of ways of communication and management of the team’s potential).

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Percentage of employees belonging to governing bodies of the organisation
Management Board TOTAL woman man
Below 30 years of age 0% 0% 0%
Between 30 and 50 years of age 20% 0% 20%
Above 50 years of age 80% 20% 60%
TOTAL 100% 20% 80%
Rada Nadzorcza Total woman man
Below 30 years of age 0% 0% 0%
Between 30 and 50 years of age 33% 0% 33%
Above 50 years of age 67% 33% 33%
TOTAL 100% 33% 67%

Percentage of employees in the following categories
Senior management TOTAL woman man
Below 30 years of age 2% 1% 1%
Between 30 and 50 years of age 74% 18% 56%
Above 50 years of age 24% 1% 23%
TOTAL 100% 20% 80%
Middle management woman man
Below 30 years of age 2% 0% 1%
Between 30 and 50 years of age 69% 18% 51%
Above 50 years of age 30% 3% 27%
TOTAL 100% 21% 79%
Other employees woman man
Below 30 years of age 17% 4% 13%
Between 30 and 50 years of age 58% 15% 43%
Above 50 years of age 25% 4% 21%
TOTAL 100% 23% 77%

Human rights in the LOTOS Group

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LOTOS puts a strong emphasis on respect for human rights in the employer-employee relationship. The values important for the organisation are contained in the Code of Ethics of the LOTOS Group.

Since 2019, the protection of employee rights has been strengthened thanks to the Policy for preventing mobbing, harassment and discrimination, adopted by the LOTOS Group. The document contains information on identification of unacceptable phenomena, as well as mechanisms to be applied in cases of irregularities that threaten values such as respect for human dignity, social coexistence standards and the principle of mutual respect.

In accordance with the principles set out in the Policy for preventing mobbing, harassment and discrimination, irregularities should be reported to the Ethics Ombudsman, using one of the available communication channels. The Company is also planning to provide training courses in proper identification of behaviours with characteristics of mobbing, harassment and discrimination.

In 2020, the Ethics Ombudsman considered 13 reported cases. Among this number, no report concerned harassment or discrimination and no such incidents were revealed. On the other hand, one case of mobbing was confirmed, which occurred in one of the subsidiaries. The procedure initiated regarding that case ended with an address by the Ethics Ombudsman, which was submitted to the employer in that company. As a result, the employer took measures that will ensure, in the opinion of the Ethics Ombudsman, that there are no more similar events.

As part of the promotion and development of this area of activity, the Grupa LOTOS endeavoured to organise a nationwide scientific conference in the second half of 2021, in cooperation with the Department of Labour Law of the Gdańsk University, dedicated to the place and role of ethics programmes in the life of organisations hiring employees. Of course, implementation of this project depends on the epidemic situation in Poland.

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