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LOTOS Group’s products are sold primarily in Poland and mainly in European countries, such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Denmark and Norway.

The LOTOS Group offers the whole range of products and services such as:

  • top quality fuels

    (including marine and aviation fuel)

  • wide range of oils

    of the highest technological parameters - for the automotive business, agriculture and industry but also for ships or even military technology vehicles

  • bitumen roads, modified MODBIT

    (including MODBIT HIMA highly modified bitumen), WMA (for production of mineral-bitumen mixes) or industrial bitumen;

  • rail transportation

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LOTOS Group brands:
kjkjkjkjkkjk kjkjkjkjkkjk

Products and health and safety

Health and safety of customers

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Each LOTOS Group customer has the possibility to get acquainted with information concerning safe use of products in an electronic form, also directly at the point of sale. LOTOS Group companies fulfill the obligation to provide product information in accordance with the guidelines arising from the provisions of law.

Therefore, all products manufactured in Group companies have Product Information or Safety Data Sheets, which are prepared on the basis of applicable international requirements. All activities are carried out in accordance with EU REACH and CLP regulations. In addition, up-to-date registration documentation is maintained for each substance included in the products offered.

The documentation includes, among others, data on physical and chemical parameters, and health and environmental effects.

Also hazard classification is extremely important. The content of particularly hazardous substances is also checked on an ongoing basis.

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