Integrated Annual Report 2020

Relationships with local communities

We treat corporate social responsibility as a part of management and improvement of the organisation.

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We build lasting and positive relationships with stakeholders and thus strive to effectively integrate our strategy and actions with social and environmental challenges.

The LOTOS Group has in place a unified social policy which focuses on meeting the objectives in the following three areas:

  • improving the quality of life
    (health, road safety, education)
  • care for the environment
    (ecology and environmental protection)
  • development of innovations

We support social initiatives and projects. Our sponsorship activities focus on sport, culture and art, as well as social and ecological activities, primarily carried out in counties and provinces where the plants of the LOTOS Group are located, as well as in places where it conducts commercial activities, e.g. through the network of petrol stations.

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All companies of the LOTOS Group are involved in activities for the benefit of local communities.

In 2020, the LOTOS Group companies completed:

sport sponsorship projects
cultural sponsorship projects
social activity projects
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We maintain a dialogue with our key stakeholders. It is an important tool for building trust. By actively communicating with our environment, we try to eliminate the risks associated with ongoing operations of the company and actively respond to the needs of our stakeholders. An example of this dialogue are the public consultations organised before important investments commence at the refinery site.

The group also attaches particular importance to projects aimed at the development of young people. Ensuring equality of social opportunities and combating exclusion, especially among children and young people, is an issue to which the Grupa LOTOS has been devoting a lot of attention for years. The company feels responsible for the fate of children and young people brought up in the immediate vicinity of its plants. The activities of the LOTOS Foundation play a particular role here.

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