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Corporate social responsibility is an element of management and improvement of the organization in Grupa LOTOS.

The Company builds lasting and positive relationships with its stakeholders and thus seeks to effectively integrate its strategy and actions with social and environmental challenges.

We are proud that jointly with the Lotos Group we have a real say about sports development among children and youth. By running the Football Future program with Lotos, ardent students of football from smaller communities have received professional training, which has led to the selection of players to join voivodship teams and the Polish national youth team. Program participants regularly join the best clubs in Poland. Cooperating with the Lotos Group also clearly contributes to enhancing the professionalization of women’s football. The football players of AP Lotos Gdańsk have excellent conditions for development as evidenced by their playing in the Women’s Extra League and the bronze medal in the Poland U-15 Championships.

Miłka Litwinowicz Lotos Gdańsk Football Academy

The whole LOTOS Group has a unified social policy which aims to achieve the objectives in the following three areas:

improving the quality of life
(health, road safety, education),

care for the environment
(ecology and environmental protection

innovation development

The Company supports social initiatives and projects. Sponsorship activities focus on sports, culture and arts as well as social and environmental activities carried out mainly in districts and provinces where LOTOS Group plants are located and in places where it conducts its commercial operations, e.g. through its chain of service stations.

All companies in the LOTOS Group are involved in activities for the benefit of local communities. In 2021, LOTOS Group companies executed:


sports sponsorship projects


cultural sponsorship projects


social and environmental action projects

This past year of 2021 is yet another year in which we were forced to function in a pandemic-rooted reality, which led to the Lotos SA Group participating in the construction of a temporary hospital in Gdańsk. Even though this was totally unrelated to our business, as an organization we handled the execution of this task entrusted to us by the Prime Minister excellently and we helped save the lives of many people. At the same time, the intensity of the work related to the merger process was augmented, and as a consequence this enormous challenge involving the preparation of the organization to demerge an organized part of the business to Lotos Asfalt, which took place in early November of last year started a new chapter in the functioning of the refinery. On top of all of that, there is also the necessity of preparing the company to meet the new challenges stemming from the risks posed by EU climate regulations. There is no doubt that this was a year of very arduous work and all the people involved in these efforts are due great thanks.

Tomasz Hadaś Corporate Director

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To build trust, the Company maintains a dialogue with its key stakeholders. Through active communication with its stakeholders, it seeks to mitigate the risks and nuisances associated with its day-to-day operations and actively respond to its stakeholders’ needs.

For 10 years the Explory Program and the Lotos Group have been seeking out and supporting young talents. In Explory youth conduct research, create applications and devise solutions in areas of importance to them. This is an effective way of cultivating their creativity and innovativeness. Explory gives youth the ability to develop their own ideas and extend their knowledge and skills by cooperating with experts and mentors. 10 years of Explory means a community of more than 2,500 young talents who have prepared nearly 2,400 research projects and inventions. It is worthwhile to support young talents as they will create a better future for us.

Joanna Gogolińska Advanced Technology Foundation

The Company also attaches particular importance to projects focused on the development of young people, including equal social opportunities and counteracting exclusion among children and adolescents.

The activities of the LOTOS Foundation in this area are addressed to children and young people who grow up in the direct vicinity of its plants.

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