Volumes of crude oil processing and products

In 2021, the Grupa LOTOS refinery processed 9.9 million tonnes of crude oil and the utilisation rate of its nominal refining capacity was 98.8% (i.e. close to full capacity), despite the planned cyclic maintenance shutdown, which was for the first time performed as a partial shutdown (with the second part planned for spring of 2022). Since only some of the production units were stopped during the 2021 shutdown, the refinery could continue to process crude oil and the Company dispatched and sold products throughout the maintenance period.

98.8 %

nominal processing capacity of the refinery

Based on the schedule, 19 out of over 60 units were shut down in March 2021, most of which resumes operation in early April. The second and last stage of the shutdown was the overhaul of three oil units, completed in April. All maintenance work was completed on May 1st, 2021. The mix of crudes resulted from the production optimisation process whose objective was to take advantage of opportunities for increasing the refinery’s processing margin.

In 2021, the Gdańsk refinery’s product output was 11 million tonnes. Diesel oil accounted for the largest share of production, with an output of 6 million tonnes, an increase of 3.8% year on year. Its share in total production was 54.1%. Our oil refining products are sold in Poland and abroad, through wholesale and retail channels (the latter being our own service station chain).

11 million tonnes

products produced in 2021 by refinery

In 2021 the Company published a monthly structure of its refining output to show approximate monthly effects of the EFRA Project and optimisation processes, particularly evident in the context of the extremely challenging situation that emerged on the market of crude oil and petroleum products in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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