Human rights in the value chain

At every stage of the supply chain, the LOTOS Group works with people. It is people who make the product, transport it or sell it. Consequently, respecting human rights is a natural responsibility of the Company. This commitment requires the Company to work only with legitimate companies and to conduct business in an environment with a legal system in place that regulates human rights issues.

LOTOS Group’s business partners are obliged to observe commonly accepted system of values, respect their employees and treat them with dignity. Thanks to these principles, it is possible to create an ethical supply chain.

The LOTOS Group strives to ensure that all requests for proposals as part of the business partner selection process and contracts concluded with both new and existing suppliers, include corporate social responsibility (CSR) clauses relating to: OHS, rules and standards of conduct, ethics, no conflict of interest, anti-corruption, environmental protection, respect for human rights and social impact. The use of these clauses in the contracts signed by LOTOS Group companies is mandatory.

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