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In the vicinity of the LOTOS Group refinery there is a Ptasi Raj nature reserve belonging to a Natura 2000 site “Ostoja w Ujściu Wisły” (PLH220044), therefore the Group’s activities take into account its neighborhood and respect the existing ecosystem

The area of the refinery is 235 ha and the reserve is 1015 ha. The most numerous group of birds in the reserve are different species of dabbling ducks and diving ducks, swans and white-fronted geese. The spit provides habitat primarily for various species of gulls, terns and plovers, as well as cormorants, ducks, geese and swans. Oystercatchers and plovers also nest in the reserve.

The environmental impact mitigation standards implemented by the Company allow it to take care of the safety of the neighboring nature reserve.

However, the concession areas held by LOTOS Petrobaltic, which specializes in exploration and production of oil and gas, are located outside the so-called Baltic Protected Areas and do not affect the biodiversity of the Baltic Sea.

One of the most important tasks as regards the LOTOS Group’s activity in the Baltic Sea is the implementation of the best solutions in the field of environmental protection, thus maintaining the biodiversity of this region. LOTOS Petrobaltic strives to implement the already undertaken actions, consisting in the implementation of the assumptions of the Baltic Sea Action Plan, setting the „zero discharge” requirement for offshore platforms.

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