Integrated Annual Report 2020

Remunerations and benefits

  • 401-2

The company offers its employees remuneration conditions taking into account:

  • paying the employees according to the type of work they perform and the qualifications and competences required to perform this work
  • differentiating individual remuneration of employees in relation to their work performance
  • achievement of the objectives and targets set at the expected level
  • rewarding employees for special professional achievements resulting in significant, unexpected added value for the company

In addition to the base salary, employees are entitled to additional remuneration calculated and paid in accordance with the generally applicable provisions of labour law, i.e. for overtime work and night work.

Employees may receive an individual annual bonus in accordance with the principles set out in the Corporate Collective Bargaining Agreement (CCBA) and a special bonus for exceptional professional achievements. A periodic salary review is carried out on an annual basis.

At the same time, LOTOS cares for the professional development of employees by offering individual training plans and by providing employees with high development potential with promotions and career paths.

Employees have the possibility to:

  • use medical and dentistry services for the employee and their immediate family members,
  • use group life insurance with an investment fund, in the amount of the premium paid by the LOTOS Group for all employees,
  • develop within the framework of the LOTOS Academy, which offers training courses, development programmes, culture of knowledge sharing, subsidies for studies and foreign language learning,
  • purchase the MultiSport Card and OK System,
  • benefit from a discount at LOTOS petrol stations,
  • participate in company sports sections, including: volleyball, sailing, tennis, football, bowling, chess and LOTOS Running Team.
  • 102-41

We periodically verify the remuneration system on the basis of the payroll reports of leading consulting firms and the data of the Central Statistical Office. In 2019, we created a new staff grading system. Valuation was applied to all positions within the company — from top management to executive positions. This served as the basis for the validation and construction of new salary tariffs. Since 11 December 2019, the LOTOS Group has been subject to an updated Corporate Collective Bargaining Agreement for employees of the Grupa LOTOS, covering 100% of employees.

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  • 103-1
  • 103-2
  • 103-3

Employees, in accordance with the terms and conditions of employment contracts, are subject to specific notice periods. These periods are also defined in the Work Regulations and depend on the length of service — in accordance with the Labour Code. They may be more advantageous based on negotiations with the Employer.

  • 201-3

Employees of the Grupa LOTOS are able to build additional pension capital from the employer’s contributions through group life insurance with an investment fund. Since 2019, the Grupa LOTOS has implemented Employee Capital Plans (ECPs).

In 2020, the ratio of remuneration of the highest-earning unit in the LOTOS Group to the median remuneration of other employees was 7.37 and was 3% lower than in 2019.

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