Integrated Annual Report 2020

Activity of the LOTOS Foundation

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In 2020, the LOTOS Foundation received 1,250 requests for donations. 148 projects were subsidised with an amount of approx. PLN 14 million (an increase by approx. 75% as compared to the previous year). The significant increase in donation support in 2020 was linked to the unique global situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Working with the Ministry of National Assets and the Ministry of Health, the LOTOS Foundation became engaged in assisting medical facilities and public institutions all over Poland by providing in-kind support and financial donations for the purchase of equipment and devices necessary to prevent, counteract and combat COVID-19. The total value of assistance allocated for this purpose in 2020 is over PLN 8.4 million (in total, the concern donated PLN 12 million).

148 projects subsidsed

Breakdown of expenditure of the LOTOS Foundation for the implementation of 2020 projects in percentage terms:

  • healthcare and promotion of life 72%
  • culture and art 12%
  • science, education and teaching  8%
  • social assistance 2%
  • support for rescue services and civil defence  12%
  • public order and safety 1%
  • promoting physical culture and sport  1%
  • maintaining national traditions  1%
  • development of local social and economic initiatives 9%
  • charity 0.15%
  • Regional studies and leisure activities for children and young people 1%

Key activities of the Foundation in 2020

  • The LOTOS Foundation supported the neurosurgery ward of the Nicolaus Copernicus Hospital in Gdańsk. Modern equipment for endoscopic spine surgery will enable the performance of minimally invasive surgeries. Thanks to the support provided by the LOTOS Foundation, patients with the National Health Fund insurance will be able to undergo such an operation free-of-charge. It was previously only possible in private establishments.
  • The LOTOS Foundation, as a supervisor of the Jasło Science League with LOTOS programme, has been supporting students in developing their scientific interests and passions for years. 103 students and 28 teachers took part in yet another edition of the programme. The Foundation funded the main prize — a language studio for students from the Municipal School Compound No 3 in Jasło. Jasło Science League with LOTOS is a programme that has supports talented students since 2013. It aims at developing talented students, shaping scientific thinking and promoting the project-based method among the youngest children.
  • The LOTOS Foundation supported the 5th edition of the Learning about safety programme, as part of which Pomeranian police officers teach children safe behaviour on the road. First-grade students will be provided, among others, with reflective vests and bags. The LOTOS Foundation has supported the project from the very beginning. The Provincial Educational Project Learning about safety was developed by Gdańsk police officers in 2016. Every year, it covers approximately 6 thousand first-grade students in Pomeranian schools. The aim is to educate the youngest children on road safety.
  • Thanks to the Foundation of the PKP Group and LOTOS Kolej, children from the least affluent families of railway employees received computer hardware for online learning with the necessary software. Other railway companies also took part in the campaign. LOTOS Kolej, through the LOTOS Foundation, transferred funds to the Foundation of the PKP Group. This support enabled the purchase of computer hardware for children from the least affluent families of railway employees. In total, hardware for 17 families was purchased.
  • The Foundation started cooperation with the ORLEN Foundation in the next edition of the Bona Fide (Latin for “in good faith”) scholarship programme. Ten Polish students received scholarships allowing them to receive education from one of the 50 best universities in the world. Over the course of three previous editions, the group of programme participants has increased to 22 scholarship beneficiaries. The Bona FIDE programme is a unique project at national level. It aims to provide patronage to those who may, in future, use their knowledge and experience acquired during the scholarship to build the strength of the national economy.
  • The Foundation provided support in the form of a donation to the Czechowice-Dziedzice municipality to subsidise the project for children Talents from Czechowice-Dziedzice, a town with passion.
  • The Foundation made a donation to the Kartuzy CARITAS Centre with its registered office in Parish of St. Adalbert in Kartuzy to subsidise the construction of a stationary hospice.
  • The LOTOS Foundation provided assistance to Volunteer Fire Departments throughout the country to finance the purchase of equipment and special uniforms necessary to carry out rescue and fire-fighting activities.
  • The Foundation also provided financial support in the form of donations to save the lives and health of sick children and adults.

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