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In the LOTOS Group, employee volunteerism has been running for many years. We have a large group of socially committed employees. Staff volunteers provide community service using their time, knowledge and skills. Under the Employee Volunteerism Program, employees can, among other things, apply for funding for their original volunteerism projects.

In 2021, our volunteers participated in a variety of activities. Over 200 employees were involved in preparing Christmas parcels for children and seniors from poor families, as part of the annual initiative of the City Centre for Family Support in Gdańsk. About 50 volunteers from LOTOS were involved in a nationwide Caritas campaign “Schoolbag Full of Smiles”. Its purpose was to support children from needy families at the dawn of a new school year.



employees were involved in preparing Christmas packages for children and seniors from poor families

At the turn of November and December 2021, for the fourth time, the LOTOS Group organized the „Noble Parcel” campaign. Nearly 65 employees joined the initiative.

In 2021, 9 volunteerism projects involving 37 employees received mini-grants from the LOTOS Foundation in the fourth edition of the competition organized under the LOTOS Employee Volunteerism Program. Projects were implemented in 2021 and continued in 2022. Volunteers from LOTOS have helped 324 people as part of a volunteer mini-grant project.  Indirectly, LOTOS employees’ help can reach more than 2 million people in Pomerania. Employees worked more than 400 hours on behalf of children, adults, local communities and homeless animals. Volunteers educated on cyber-security, robotics, human relations problems and social isolation, organized games and activities for needy children, and visited the cinema and the Baltic Opera in Gdansk with them.

Projects were implemented in 2021 and continued in 2022. In 2021, a special bus for blood collection visited LOTOS Group’s premises five times. 100 employees have signed up. More than 45 liters of blood were collected in total. About 100 employees of the LOTOS Group took part in the collection for children’s Hospice „Pomorze Dzieciom”. LOTOS Group companies are also very much involved in the activities for the local communities. Together with the residents of neighboring towns, they form a community that very often integrates business, local governments and higher education. Such initiatives bring long-term benefits to all participants in the relationship.



employees took part in a collection for the children's Hospice Pomerania for Children

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