Integrated Annual Report 2020

Energy generation and consumption

The Grupa LOTOS operates in a systemic way, with the primary objective of optimising energy consumption.

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It monitors the energy efficiency of installations and their sub-processes on an ongoing basis. It analyses individual areas and participates in tasks aimed at reducing energy consumption.

LOTOS sets itself ambitious targets — in 2020, it initiated certification of the group energy management system according to ISO 50001. It is also important to obtain white certificates, i.e. energy efficiency certificates issued by the Energy Regulatory Office. The certificates are recorded on the Polish Power Exchange and constitute hard evidence that the concerns is improving its energy management.

The Grupa LOTOS’s energy efficiency improvements translate directly into cleaner air and lower water consumption. The upgrades carried out in previous years (adaptation of EC boilers to be fired with natural gas) resulted in the company emitting very little sulphur or dust into the atmosphere. We are also constantly taking tangible measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

Thanks to operational approach to energy consumption management, the Grupa LOTOS’s refinery is one of the most energy-efficient in ones Europe.

The Grupa LOTOS takes its own measures to improve energy efficiency. In 2020, a special organisational unit — the Energy Efficiency Office — identified and implemented, in cooperation with the production area, 22 production process optimisation measures with a total value of savings exceeding PLN 2.5 million. In addition, the Grupa LOTOS received the first white certificates in 2020 — investment support specified in the Act on energy efficiency. The value of the obtained certificates exceeds PLN 1.1 million. Further applications for support under the Act on energy efficiency are under preparation.

Total energy consumption in the LOTOS Group was amounted to 34,740,518.65 GJ in 2020.

34.7 GJ
Total energy consumption in the LOTOS Group
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Thanks to the implemented optimisations of the Grupa LOTOS’s refinery installations, it was possible to reduce the energy consumption of almost all energy utilities (reduction calculated in relation to the baseline condition — prior to the optimisation).

54,914 MWh
Energy savings achieved directly as a result of energy consumption reduction and use efficiency initiatives

Data on energy generation and consumption are reported only at the consolidated level, for the entire LOTOS Group.

Reduction of the minimum steam flow to 150-C2
Reduction of the minimum steam flow to 1200-C8
Automatic regulation of steam flow to 150-C6
Automatic regulation of steam flow to 930-C2
Fuel oil temperature reduction
Steam generation increase in 500-B1/B2
Recirculation of the 500-E25 exchanger
Optimisation of PZK tank heating
Optimisation of steam consumption by 860-C4
Optimisation of assist steam consumption 100 C1
Optimisation of steaming vapour consumption 900 C1
Fresh steam temperature reduction
Reduction of MS steam consumption in the vacuum generation system in column 120-C9
Optimisation of steam consumption in the gas and slack wax steaming injection system i.1300
Optimisation of steam consumption inside EC
Reduction of repair air consumption in the sewage treatment plant
Switching off of one of the cooling tower fans 9850-EA1 (15 kW)
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Energy consumption inside the organisation

Energy purchased from entities outside the LOTOS Group MWh
2019 2020
Electricity 2,022,341 1,825,485.42
Thermal energy 62,599 27,345.48
Total consumption 2,084,940 1,852,830.9

*  Primary energy, i.e. the energy of the fuel needed to produce a given amount of electricity. Helpful value for energy efficiency analysis, e.g. in terms of environmental impact.

Energy purchased from entities outside the LOTOS Group MWh
2019 2020
716,127 784,959

* Useful energy, i.e. energy that we use to settle energy payments.

Energy sold to entities outside the LOTOS Group:  MWh 2019 2020
Electricity 53,165 21,537.57
Steam 228,855 34,588.18
Heat (in water) 126,593 28,992.66
Total amount 408,613 85,118.42
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Energy intensity indicators

 MWh 2019 2020
The Grupa LOTOS
Primary energy consumption per tonne of crude oil processed 815 903
Primary energy consumption per tonne of product obtained 1,123 1,185

The increase in the energy intensity ratio y/y was due, among others, to a change in the configuration of the refinery’s operation — at the end of 2019, the delayed coking unit (DCU) was launched, in the last quarter of 2020, the WOW installation (Hydrogen Recovery Node) was launched; the majority of planned stoppage of many production installations was carried out in the second quarter of 2020 and the operation of refinery installations was adapted to the current demand for products.

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