Membership in trade organisations and CSR

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Our companies and representatives are members of numerous Polish and international organisations, some of which bring together specialised entities from the fuel, energy and chemical sectors.
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We are also a member of business organisations acting in support of the economic development of our country and those promoting the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Organisations and associations in which the Grupa LOTOS was a member in 2021

  • Polish Chamber of Chemistry industry (PIPC)
  • Polish Organisation of Oil Industry and Trade (POPiHN)
  • Fuels Europe (European Petroleum Refiners Association)
  • Polish Committee of the World Energy Council (PKŚRE)
  • Council of Intelligent Specialisation of Pomerania ISP 3
  • Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies and Clean Coal Technologies
  • Employers’ Association Business & Science Poland (BSP)
  • Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers
  • IAA Poland International Advertising Association
  • Polish Forum ISO 14000
  • Polish Forum ISO 9000
  • Transfer Pricing Centre Association
  • Provincial Technology and Rationalisation Club in Gdańsk
  • Polish Association of Listed Companies
  • Polish HR Management Association (PSZK)
  • Pomeranian Employers
  • “Pomorskie in the European Union” Association
  • Hydrogen Europe
including organisations promoting the idea of corporate social responsibility:
  • Responsible Business Forum
  • United Nations Global Compact
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Selected organisations and associations in which LOTOS Group companies were members in 2021

  • Polish Alternative Fuels Association
  • European Lubricating Greases Institute
  • Polish Committee for Standardisation
  • Scientific and Technical Association of Oil and Gas Industry Engineers and Technicians
  • Polish Offshore Industry Forum Association
  • Safe Mining Foundation
  • Employers’ Union Forum Okrętowe
  • Polish Maritime Technology Forum
  • Polish Wind Energy Association
  • Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society
  • Association of AGH Alumni
  • Polish Asphalt Pavement Association
  • Nationwide Road Building Chamber
  • Polish Research Laboratories Club POLLAB
  • Railway Business Forum
  • Union of Independent Railway Carriers
  • Centre for Railway Energy Efficiency
  • Netzwerk Europaeischer Eisenbahnen
  • Polish Private Wagons Association
  • Association of German and Austrian Wagon Owners VPI
  • AVV, General Contract of Use for Wagons
  • Internationaler Controller Verein
  • Land Transport Chamber
  • UIC ATTI (Agreement on Freight Train Transfer Inspection)

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