Integrated Annual Report 2018

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People as top priority


People have always been at the centre of LOTOS’s business. Our stakeholders play a part in how we generate not only economic, but also social and environmental value. In decision making, we always take into account their benefit and seek to build good and lasting relations with them.

Our relations within the organisation, as well as relations with trading partners and customers are marked by particular care for safety and respect for dignity. This applies both to persons who represent LOTOS on everyday basis and those with whom our company interacts in its operations and communication activities.

We aim to engage in a dialogue with both our social and market stakeholders. The form and frequency of the dialogue vary depending on the stakeholder group. We aspire to improve the quality of our relations and ensure mutual benefits.

Our key efforts in this area include:
  • regular surveys to gauge the level of satisfaction among our customers and trading partners,
  • regular exchange of information with capital market participants through our Investor Relations site and road shows,
  • maintaining contact with regulatory, inspection/audit, and monitoring bodies on an as-needed basis,
  • dialogue with employees during day-to-day work and through trade unions, and regular job satisfaction surveys.

Customers have a high opinion of LOTOS

Our customers’ opinions and expectations are a vital source of information and inspiration for our further business growth, which is why we monitor customer feedback on a regular basis. In 2018, the LOTOS Group’s business customer satisfaction index stood at 78, remaining flat on the previous edition and indicating a high level of customer satisfaction. To compare, the average satisfaction level for all industries in Poland is 69.

LOTOS Asfalt is the LOTOS Group company that can boast the largest increase in customer satisfaction levels, which have been on the rise since 2016. Grupa LOTOS’s business customer satisfaction index rose by 1 point, to impressive 91 points. On the other hand, LOTOS Oil recorded a decline in customer satisfaction levels.

Respondents are satisfied with our products: 91% would recommend them and 89% would choose them again. Compared with 2017, minor changes in the LOTOS Group’s customer base can be seen. The share of satisfied and loyal customers decreased slightly (by 1 pp) and the percentage of disloyal and dissatisfied customers slightly increased (by 1 pp). At present, almost half of our customers (49%) are the Apostles, i.e. the most loyal and satisfied group of customers, who are emotionally attached to the brand and disseminate positive opinions about it.


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