Integrated Annual Report 2020

Our approach to sustainable development

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Sustainable development is a part of the strategy of the LOTOS Group and striving to reduce environmental impact constitutes its fixed objective. We care about thoughtful management of environmental protection.

We reduce energy, materials and raw materials consumption, control and reduce gas and sewage emissions, reduce the amount of waste generated and care for biodiversity. We understand that the activities of the LOTOS Group affect various components of the ecosystem and therefore we monitor and analyse our environmental impact on an ongoing basis.

Year after year, LOTOS is getting better at controlling air pollution and is trying to produce less waste and sewage and to have as little impact on the water quality as possible in the area of extraction. Energy economy is also important from the environmental point of view. The concern invests in energy consumption at every stage of the value chain, controls the technical condition of the equipment, detects and removes components that cause unnecessary energy losses. It also pays attention to all these aspects in new investments.

The LOTOS Group also cares about its impact on local communities. Despite the lack of legal requirements in this regard, devices emitting the most arduous odours in our sewage treatment plant in Gdańsk were sealed. We also ensured recirculation of portions of treated sewage and water vapour condensate and we built a return system for discharge gases, which we use as fuel gas (instead of flared). When the refinery was modernised, we used this opportunity to provide gas access to surrounding localities.

List of procedures, regulations, rules, instructions and strategies implemented in the Grupa LOTOS, ensuring responsible management of environmental protection:

  • Integrated Management System Policy
  • Waste management
  • Waste management plan
  • Noise management plan
  • Environmental monitoring plan
  • Environmental and energy objectives and tasks
  • List of environmental and energy objectives
  • Identification of environmental aspects
  • Environmental aspects
  • Monitoring environmental processes and activities affecting the environment
  • Rules of procedure for sampling and carrying out environmental measurements
  • Monitoring CO2 emissions from the production installations of the Grupa LOTOS
  • Prevention and preparedness in the event of failures and accidents at work
  • Emergency response
  • Investigation of emergencies
  • Practical preparation exercises for responding appropriately to failures and other hazards
  • Directive on communication rules concerning the environmental activities of the Grupa LOTOS companies with the Environmental Protection Office of the LOTOS Group
  • Environmental impact procedures — instructions for third-party companies carrying out works under the EFRA project
  • Rules of waste management within the Grupa LOTOS — information for third-party companies
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In 2020, the LOTOS Group was not subject to any non-financial penalties or sanctions for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

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