Integrated Annual Report 2020


Our responsibility towards the society and the natural environment is reflected in conducting production activity in a way that does not allow for degradation of the environmental and social capital.

As the LOTOS Group, we feel responsible for our products towards the state, the market, partners, customers and employees.

We conduct business ethically by complying with standards in all areas of activity. We have also adopted a value system which is based on respect for the needs of the society and the environment.

Four key social responsibility values of the LOTOS Group

We commit to observe the highest environmental and ecological standards and declare ethical and fair competition, as well as counter human rights violations.

We are open to change, the world’s needs and people’s expectations.

We take an innovative approach to solving social and environmental problems and by acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we gain business benefits and a competitive advantage on the market.

It is the basis for our approach to the future of people, the natural environment, the country and security of its position in the world.

Sustainable development is an integral part of activity for the LOTOS Group. We are aware of our impact on our surroundings and the environment, and therefore, as a socially responsible company, we follow ethical principles in our activities.

It is vital for us to comply with international standards, such as ISO 26000, within the scope of governance, human rights, work practices, the environment, fair operational practices, consumer issues, social engagement and the development of the local community.

The LOTOS Group operates in line with the challenges defined by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) until 2030, the Sustainable Development Vision for Polish Business until 2050 and 10 UN Global Compact principles.

In line with the sustainable development vision for Polish business until 2050, the LOTOS Group undertook to:

  • base its activities on extensive cooperation, innovative thinking and education of both its own employees and the society;
  • conduct business activity based on trust and dialogue;
  • cooperate with academic centres and schools in the education of future employees;
  • create conditions and opportunities for employees to develop;
  • promote and support the implementation of new technological solutions;
  • create infrastructure and invest based on dialogue and in line with the principles of sustainable development;
  • take measures to reduce our negative environmental impact;
  • introduce solutions that allow for reduction of energy consumption in the implementation of new technological solutions, process optimisation as well as education;
  • engage in dialogue with the government and share its experience on issues relevant to businesses and the economy;
  • improve business ethics, including in relations with all stakeholder groups.

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