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Social responsibility values of the LOTOS Group

G4-34 G4-38
Sustainable development


Our responsibility towards society and the natural environment is manifested in running production activities in a way that prevents degradation of natural and social capital. As the LOTOS Group, we feel responsible for our products to the state, market, partners and clients and employees.

The four primary values underlying the LOTOS Group’s corporate social responsibility are:

transparencystands for the duty to comply with the most exacting environmental standards, commitment to ethical and fair competition, and counteracting the abuse of human rights.
opennessthe LOTOS Group’s attitude to changes, the world’s needs and people’s expectations.
innovationmeasures taken by the LOTOS Group with a view to achieving business benefits, gaining competitive advantage, ensuring sustainable development or addressing important social or environmental issues.
responsibilitythe right attitude towards mankind and its future, the environment, the home country and its international security.
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