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Partnerships and initiatives

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Sustainable development

As a socially responsible company, we are a member of leading organizations promoting good CSR practices:

  • strategic partner Responsible Business Forum

    Since 2008, we have been a strategic partner of the Responsible Business Forum, which on a large scale deals with dissemination of the idea of corporate social responsibility as a standard in business in our country.

  • member United Nations Global Compact

    In 2009, we were accepted as a member of the international organization United Nations Global Compact, established in 2000 at the initiative of the UN Secretary General. We adhere to and apply in our activities the 10 UN Global Compact principles. The main task of this organization is to promote the principles related to, among others, respecting workers’ rights, supporting environmental protection or counteracting corruption. Joining the Global Compact has given us the opportunity to share good practices of existence in a prestigious group of global companies and organizations that have been active in the development of international CSR for years.

Belonging to the organizations associating companies with a strategic approach to sustainable development is a great opportunity for us to exchange views, continuous development and education in this area, as well as the opportunity to strengthen the position of our company as a responsible business and social partner. In addition, it enables us to exchange good practices and participate in the initiatives implemented by these organizations  and projects. Moreover, we have the opportunity to build broader coalitions with other companies, related to the search for effective solutions for various types of social problems.

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