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Trade receivables and other assets

Notes to the financial statements
15. Trade receivables and other assets   
NoteDecember 31st 2017December 31st 2016
Non-current financial assets:293.2307
Security deposits receivable1817
Finance lease receivables15.212.814.6
Oil and Gas Extraction Facility Decommissioning Fund (1)34.133.2
Cash securing contractual obligations related to future decommissioning of assets207.9192
Security deposit – ICE Futures-19.6
Security deposits related to licensed activities10.620.7
Other receivables-0.1
Current financial assets:2843.42569.6
Trade receivables26772251.7
including from related entities30.134.516.1
Security deposits receivable26.314.6
Cash for removal of the MOPU from the YME field (2)55.175.3
Settlements under joint operations (Norwegian fields) (3)-1.4
Security deposits related to the use of gas fuel distribution and transmission system1614.4
Receivables under payment cards (service stations)14.69.1
Finance lease receivables15.27.17.1
Other receivables10.36.8
Financial assets3136.62876.6
Non-current non-financial assets10.65.2
Borrowing costs 6.1-
Prepayments for rebates2.82.1
Current non-financial assets:222.3259.3
Value-added tax receivable78.4110.3
Property and other insurance20.925.6
Settlements under joint operations (Norwegian fields) (3)58.968
Excise duty on inter-warehouse transfers46.634.7
Prepaid deliveries 4.68.5
Prepayments for IT services5.35.4
Non-financial assets232.9264.5
- trade receivables26772251.7
- other388.7577.2
(1) Cash deposited in the bank account of the Oil and Gas Facility Decommissioning Fund (created pursuant to the Geological and Mining Law of February 4th 1994 and the Minister of Economy’s Regulation of June 24th 2002) to cover future costs of decommissioning of oil extraction facilities, see Note 29.1.

(2) Cash held in an escrow account associated with the agreement concluded between the parties involved in the YME project in Norway (for more details on the agreement, see Note 29.1).

(3) Receivables of LOTOS Exploration and Production Norge AS (LOTOS Petrobaltic Group, the upstream segment) under mutual settlements between the operator and consortium members concerning specific Norwegian fields.

15.1 Change in impairment losses on receivables  
At beginning of period165.3171.6
At end of period104.2165.3
Ageing of unimpaired past due receivables:December 31st 2017December 31st 2016
Up to 1 month34.175.7
From 1 to 3 months1.91.2
From 3 to 6 months0.7-
From 6 months to 1 year0.2-
Over 1 year2.84.1
15.2 Finance lease receivables    
Present value of minimum lease payments
December 31st 2017December 31st 2016December 31st 2017December 31st 2016
Up to 1 year7.
From 1 to 5 years12.914.712.814.6
Less unrealised finance income-0.2-0.2--
Present value of minimum lease payments 19.921.719.921.7
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